Mi Canción y yo

octubre 11, 2004
De acuerdo, lo admito… Sonata Arctica no son góticos :P. Es q ayer, buscando mi nick por internet di casi de lleno con esta canción, y debo admitir… que de momento ha pasado a ser mi balada preferida (independientemente de q se me nombre en ella :P). Aquí os la cuelgo:


I write the lines you want me to
with words I dare to use of all
the ones that you have taught me
along the years.
You cast a perfect shadow on the paper,
fade away with sunlight.
Fear the way you know me,
love can leave a stain.
You steal my only hope
and make me stay awake another night.
I wish you bare with me, stay near me
when the autumn leaves have fallen.

Solitude, my pain, the last thing left of me.

[chorus] If you fall I’ll catch.
If you love I’ll love
and so it goes, my dear.
Don’t be scared you’ll be safe,
this I swear if you only love me

Seven lonely lies written on dead winters night.
Open the only book with the only poem I can read.
In blood I sign my name
and seal the midnight with a tear.
Burn the paper, every line, for them I cried.

[bridge] If you fall I’ll catch
If you love I’ll love
and so it goes my dear
don’t be scared you’ll be safe
this I swear if you only love me back.

I am the Playwriter and you are my Crown.
Make me cry for your love,
like you’ve done many times
so I know I can’t write these storylines without you.
Lady Pain, make me strong,
can’t we be together without them forever?

The words I write can only hurt me,
sorry for the rain.
Thank you my only one,
you gave me this pain.
I leave you gently on the floor,
take one step towards the door.
Where’s that letter never written,
good night now.


[bridge] (bis)



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